Puppet Development

There are a few animation scripts that we've been working on and it's time to bring them to life.

Oot and Aboot -- they are best friends who spend their retirement years going shopping, traveling, and watching action movies starring Matt Damon. They are dogs.

After a few months of considering hand-drawn animation I'm coming back around to stop motion as a way to bring these lady dogs to life. For my first test I'm going to try and cast this dog's head in wax and then cut off the ears, eyes, and jaw and make them animate-able.

Later -- So I failed to mix the silicone properly and according to a YouTube video it may never cure. So this trial could be my first big waste of time and money. 

While I wait to find out if this silicone will cure I will begin working on a clay skull. The form I hoped to make out of the wax.  

I went back to the sculpting store to get more silicone molding compound and while I was there I learned that one is not supposed to make models out of clay with sulfur or the silicone won't cure. I can't find anywhere online that tells me if Sargent Art clay has sulfur. If it does then my back-up plan will have turned into another learning experience. 

Good news. After 24 hours the silicone cured pretty well something might just work out.